About Myself

If you'd ask me what I specialise in I'd probably say boring technology.

However, I think that justifies some explanation. When I talk about boring technology I don't mean that the work or the problem it's trying to solve is, or should be, boring. On the contrary! I do think in order to solve today's challenges we should focus on simple, well-tested and proven technology, so that the focus is on the problem itself and not on its implementation. Our industry is incredibly fast-paced and as technologists, we can have the tendency to fixate on using the latest language, framework or library and can lose sight of the problem we're trying to solve. Let's focus on problems and find the right technology to solve them. Or even better, let's solve them without technology at all! The best code is no code at all.

The primary area I usually work in is web-pages, -applications and -services. I shipped working software in numerous languages, stacks and environments from when Netscape Navigator was still around.

I currently work at 8th Light, London, which enables me to continue to improve and learn new tech, and also work directly with clients helping them to improve their products. Often by working embedded and hands-on alongside their development teams to help on the delivery side. Or training and coaching teams and leadership to work better together towards more focussed goals.

Lately I do enjoy the engagements that involve coaching and consulting more than writing code eight hours a day. However, with the balance my current position brings I do get the best of both worlds.